Great Smoky
National Park

Great Smoky Mountain National Park is the most visited National Park in the United States with over 9 million people visiting every year. The Great Smoky Mountains are world renowned for their diversity of animal and plant life. Over 1,660 kinds of flowering plants are found in the Great Smokies in addition to many animals like Black Bears, elk, deer and wild turkeys. The Great Smoky Mountains are a hikers dream with over 800 miles of tended trails ranging from short to long strenuous treks.

There is also plenty of fishing, camping, wildlife viewing, picnicking, historical tours and auto touring at the park. The Great Smoky Mountains National Park has a moderate climate with mild winters and hot muggy summers. The park ranges from 800 feet to 6,643 feet and temperatures can vary 10 to 20 degrees between the base of the mountains and top of the mountains. So be prepared with a range of outer clothing.