National Park

Zion National Park with its towering colorful sandstone cliffs and narrow canyons has a marvelous landscape. Zion was first protected in 1909 as Mukuntuweap National Monument and has since welcomed tens of millions of visitors to its shear cliffs. Over 2.5 million visitors come to Zion National Park each year to enjoy hiking, bicycling, birdwatching, photography, backpacking, canyoneering and just to get away. During the summer there are many ranger lead guided walks, short talks and evening programs. Zion NP has been inhabited for over 2,000 years first by the Anasazi then 800 years ago by the Paiutes and finally in the 1860s Mormon settlers arrived. The closest city with lodging and facilities is Springdale, Utah at the southern entrance.

Zion National Park Weather has a wide variety of conditions. Spring has some stormy wet days and wildflowers blooming from April to June. Summer is hot and can be from 95 to 100 F during the day.. The summer nights usually cool down to 60s and 70s F. Thunderstorms are common from July to September and may produce flash floods so be aware. Fall weather is usually mild and clear with cool nights. Fall colors usually peak in late October. Winter days in Zion can reach the 60s F with nights in the 20s and 30s F. Some winter snowstorms do occur.